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DC822 Help Please


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I just bought this DC822 used yesterday for $50 from a guy who sells tools normally at local events.  I would prefer brand new, but I'm a college student.  I need it in regards to cutting down the time I am working on my car so I can focus on other things.

I was told that it had not been used much.... and that the guy upgraded to the 20V system (thus why could sell this), the casing looks decently clean (few scuffs) nothing big though....

When I power it on, not using it, it is able to rotate the 1/2 drive to 3/8 drive 4' extension  that I have bought

But as soon as I put a 15mm socket to remove the blades from my fathers lawn tractor..... I hear the motor running but nothing is visible on  the drive

I break the bolt with my breaker bar & then try it again.... with the bolt loose..... same thing I hear the motor running but nothing is visible on  the drive.

I left the impact sit for 30 minutes and the I go ahead and grab the extension with my hand and hold it.... but this time I hear absolutely nothing & believe that my battery is going dead.....

A bit on the battery I bought it last year with my DC970 has been charged about 30 times max & I did use it yesterday for about a hour in my DC970 to remove about 40 screws.

What could of caused the bolt not turning (even when loose) while I was using my DC822?

I'm hoping that it's not the drill & that I wasted $50 bucks......

If it is the drill what can be done about it?

Thank you for time......

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