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Bad 20v charging method?


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I'm a commercial electrician and the 2 most common tools i use every day are an impact driver and reciprocating saw. daily tasks vary but every day i take 2 batteries off the charger in the morning and put them in my tools, and place my 2 other batteries onto the chargers. the next morning I swap, the 2 batteries i used the day before go into the charger, the 2 that charged all day/night go into my tools, repeat repeat 5 days a week...  That's the most common routine, if I end up doing some heavy cutting with my grinder or drilling with my hammer drill etc, I switch em out when they die.

My question is, will this charging method ruin my batteries over time? create a memory? I do this same routine with my 18v XRP NiCads but not as much now that they retired to the garage/home

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