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dc9320 dead port


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greetings all.  long time lurker first time poster.  I have a dc9320 that one port works fine, the other does nothing.  bulb does.t even blink when I plug it in.  anyone know how to decipher the production.date code on these? my local service center is 40 mins away, and I have no receipt.  barring that anyone have any experience with a fault on a one hour multichemistry charger?  I opened it carefully already, there's no visual indication of any failure. 

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nevermind production date is 17th week of 2007, guess it sat for 5 years before I bought it last labor day........

so, no warranty cause no receipt, according to the guy at the dewalt repair center.  anyone with any insight before I start troubleshooting the circuit board?  no caps look bad, nothing visibly burnt, didn't see any fuses.......

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i suggest you take a high resolution picture of the circuit board of the port that is bad and post it here http://www.dslreports.com/forum/electronics ....those electronic experts are willing to help.

if you ask right and have patience and drive...they will teach you or try to help you at

least. i am a lurker of that sub forum...and i have seen a guy go from newbie to advance...he still asks questions there.

bare in mind, you will need the basic electronic tools though...if you don't have them, you will have to spent money to troubleshoot. the price for the electronics tool may be more than to maybe buy another charger though...

2 cents.

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have tools and ability to do circuit board repair.  also have a 2 year old and not a ton of time for troubleshooting.  I know all the obvious visual signs of circuit board failures, don't see anything.  ill check out the other forum, but still wondering if anyone here has had any dead dual chemistry charger issues.

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