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Dewallt table saw puzzle


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Back in March my 7 year old Dewalt 744 type 3 table saw gave up. I replaced armature with bearings pressed on already and new brushes. Fired it up and it ran but it ran at a lower that normal rpm and has a lot less power when ripping even a 3/4 board. It also has kind of a soft start instead of the jolt it used to have. So I figure maybe the field was weakened by the over heating so I replaced it with a new one I got from Sears Parts. Fired it up no change. So what else it left.......gear box! Nope, put in a new one and STILL no difference was made in the speed or the power. Theres a rubber sleeve that the outer bearing goes into on the end where the brushes are so I replaced it. No change. OK so maybe the brush holders got out of whack when it got hot so I installed new ones and another set of brushes. Still no change. Switch you say, nope new one.

By now I have almost what a new saw would cost in it but I don't care. This has become a completion between me and it and it don't know it yet but I'm going to win with the help of you guys!

I was wondering if anyone may have had issues like this with any of the other Dewalt type 3 saws or can offer any input at all. Thanks, Weav

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thats a mind job right there.

i don't own that table saw but here are my two cents.

have you tried to change the breaker?

or plug it in a different outlet that is not on the same breaker?

from personal experience, sometimes the breaker goes bad and does not let all power through. it will still pass power to the outlets but not fully.

another thing you can do is to check the wire connections...my guess is that when the tool went out, it sucked up a lot of amps and could have burned a cable. still passing current but not fully.

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Thanks for the input Toojoe. I have tried the saw at different power sources so that's out. Your point about wireing though made me realize the power cord is the only thing electrical on the saw that I have not replaced. I'll get back to you if it changes anything when I replace it.

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UPDATE! After limping along as long as I could with the low power of my simi rebuilt table saw I bit the bullet and found a used 744 type 6 that was at a good price and in good shape. While blowing it out I discovered something it had that mine does not have. There is a electronic motor control module mounted under the table so chances are that the armature I bought from ereplacements parts and the other online store shipped me a replacement armature that requires one of these modules. I don't know this for a fact and I'm not spending 82.00 right now to find out. I just wanted to come back to this thread annd post a reply so if anyone else has one of these older 744's they may find this information before going through what I went through. -Weav

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