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Use DeWalt SE US18650FT Battery Cell to Repair Makita SE US18650VT Battery Pack?


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I have a Makita BL1815 Battery Pack with a #1 dead cell. It uses Sony SE US18650VT cells. I have a donor DeWalt DC9181 Battery Pack, which has Sony SE US18650FT cells. I can find the specifications for the Makita SE US18650VT cell, but not for the DeWalt SE US18650FT cell. So, I am wondering if I can use the DeWalt SE US1860FT cell to repair the Makita SE US18650VT battery pack.

Thanks for your expertise!

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I finally found the answer:


"Re: New Sony Olivine-type Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Tool Cell

Postby Doctorbass » Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:57 pm

hmmm.. Interesting to see Sony decided to invest again the the old great 18650 platform...

Their last succes is still the LiMn 18650V and the 18650VT ( aka K O N I O N )

According to the Specsheet I have from them,

The V can take 10C and have 1.5Ah (15A burst 7A continuous) for 3.75Vnom 500 cycles at 1C 80%dod 43g

The VT can take 15C and have 1.1Ah (17A burst 8A continuous) for 3.70Vnom 500 cycles at 1C 80%dod 43g

compared with :

The FT that can take 18C and have 1.1Ah ( 18A continuous) for 3.2V 2000cycles 40g"

Different voltages, so I can not use the DeWalt batteries in the Makita battery pack.

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