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12V Max 3.0Ah Battery?

Tunnel Rat

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I'm a licensed plumber working in commercial construction, and for the past couple weeks I have been experimenting with a set of my personal 12V Max tools (impact, drill, pivoting recip saw, light) to see how they hold up when the norm is mostly 18v and 20v on our job sites. So far, they have held up really well and my co-workers are amazed at how well they perform considering their size.

I will say that the impact driver has been getting the most workout as I have been running no-hub cast iron for quite some time and that has really put that little tool to the test. Luckily, I have combined two different kits and have four of the 1.5Ah batteries and they seem to hold a charge fairly well...but it sure would be nice if Dewalt would come out with a 3.0Ah battery.

Now I understand that the 12v line of tools probably weren't meant for commercial construction but they're so light weight that it's almost effortless to wield them on a daily basis.   

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I think with the current trend you may get a brushless motor and a 2.0 amp hr battery...which would probably out last much of the older 18 volt stuff...the torque is dialed down but on a typical #2 Phillips head screw...I almost enjoy the lower torque setting...but dewalt has taken some time with there stuff...missed some opportunities with a few things and capitalized on others... I recently joined a crew that work in warehouses for industrial conveyor belt lines. they all use Milwaukee. I still believe that my 20 volt stuff is better than everything they have but I'm still a little aggravated that they didn't release that stuff for the fuel gauge...its so important...

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I also would not expect anything like that until late next year...and I also second your idea between my flashlights and impact driver and my new radio my 12 volt batteries get used every single day of their life...if they died out tomorrow I would be happy with the performance

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