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Hi Folks,

I'm gonna go buy a dewalt set of new cordless tools.

The choices I think I have are the 18V sets or what I think is the new 20V set.  Is that the case?

I think the 18V are the older style of battery and stuff and the new 20V sets are the better Li-Ion batteries?!

Are the battery packs the same or is one better, are the 18V kits now an end-of-life product?

I used to own a complete Ryobi kit (saw, van, flashlight, drill, sawsall) set and the batteries are pure crap,

needless to say I tossed that junk and want to get a dewalt set.

What one should I get?  I'm not a pro just homeowner ....



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You are correct in the 18V being the older system. DeWalt has said they will continue to support the 18V line. According to them there are just to many tools out in the field running that battery to abandon it. They do have both NiCad and Li-Ion battery packs available for them. The 18V batteries and the 20V batteries are not interchangeable (one inserts into the grip of a drill, while the other slides on). Right now if you want the newest/ latest/ greatest products available (like the brushless motors on some tools), you should probably go with the 20V. Cost wise if you want the Li-Ion batteries, the 20V kits would probably be a little less expensive. I went to one vendor that usually has competitive prices and found:

!8 Volt NiCad 4 piece kit, $379:http://www.tools-plus.com/dewalt-dck450x.html

20 Volt Li-Ion 4 piece kit, $485:http://www.tools-plus.com/dewalt-dck491l2.html

That is a $6 difference, with a "snakelight" type flashlight in the NiCad kit and a swivel head in the 20V kit. If you are like me and like to look in pawn shops and discount stores for little used tools, the 18V line probably has the advantage right now. Another option to help lower costs is to be on the lookout for Re-manufactured tools, they come with the same warranty as new, but may have a scratch or two on them. If you decide to go with the 18V line, the one quick rule of thumb for US tools is black chargers only charge NiCad, yellow chargers will charge NiCad and Li-Ion.

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