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Question about Dewalt DCD780 20V MAX* 1/2" drill/driver


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New to this forum so dont know if Im posting this in the right area or not.

I just bought a dewalt kit 1/2 drill and driver set. It really seem pretty awesome. I got 1/2" chuck because the project Im doing calls for this.

Anyway, my question is this, the drill I have in this kit is the DCD780 20V MAX* 1/2" drill/driver

Thinking about it, would this be capable of drilling through 3" wood for a work bench? Or should I return and go with another dewalt model?

Basically Im drilling into my work bench to bolt a plate of hot rolled A36 mild steel 1/4" thick and then mount a shop vise on this.

Thanks for any help!

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What diameter of hole are you drilling, and roughly how many holes (ten, a hundred, a thousand)?  The 780 is a very capable drill, but it has a specific application range that it is designed for.  My guess is that it will work perfectly for your project, but without knowing more details, I couldn't recommend it definitively.

Congrats on your new purchase!

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Thanks for all your replies. Dont get me wrong, Im already in total love with my new Dewalt kit, and to be honest, if I heard from you guys that this wouldnt of been capable of what I needed, Id most likely still keep this for lighter jobs and get the next one...

What Im saying is, Im so sold on Dewalt that Ive already planned on slowly building up a whole line of them for my tool crib...

I use to be a welder for a few decades until a work injury which Im now starting a small shop in my garage, and all my power tools were pneumatic and never had electric/battery which this is my first. Air compressor of any decent size is way out of my price range. I did check out the competitors and refuse to say bad things about anyone, but Dewalt won hands down on everything from what I seen. Even the sales clerk at sears pushed Dewalt over their own craftsman brand.

Then coming to this forum and getting the replies needed, yeah, Im totally sold on Dewalt all around.

Many thanks from Kentucky! :)

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