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Dewalt Heated Jacket


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".... welcome to the club"

((Bosch and Milwaukee have already announced)

Dewalt has officially announced that they will be coming out with a new line of heated jackets starting in the Fall.

I found some info on USA sites;

Not sure if this also applies to Europe (EU) / UK

The info always talks about 12v max or 20v max = USA;

but we all know in this forum the batteries are identical and just a marketing approch

12 v max = 10,8V in Europe

info credit goes to the USA sites, but it is on public web sites


Dewalt’s line of heated jackets can be powered by their 12V Max or 20V Max lithium-ion battery packs. This allows for hours of core body warmth and continuous heat.

There will be 4 different jacket styles:

    Soft shell work jacket

    Hooded work jacket

    True Timber camouflage jacket

    True Timber blaze orange camouflage jacket

Each jacket has a water and wind-resistant outer shell, 3 temperature settings plus pre-heat mode, and 3 core body heating zones. The soft shell work jacket and camo jackets also have a fourth heating zone in the collar.

    Heating zones: left and right chest, back, collar (certain styles only)

    Heating settings: low, med, high, pre-heat

    LED controller

The heating elements are powered by Dewalt’s new USB power source that can also charge up to two USB-compatible devices.

Soft shell work jacket (DCHJ060): 4 heating zones, 5 pockets, water-resistant polyester outer shell, adjustable cuffs and waist. MSRP $159, Kit $209.

Hooded work jacket (DCHJ061): 3 heating zones, 4 pockets, water-resistant twill outer shell, hood with drawstring. MSRP $149, Kit $199.

True Timber camo jacket (DCHJ062): 4 heating zones, 7 pockets, soft noise-limiting camouflage outer shell, removable hook with neck and face guard. (In other words, it’s a hunting jacket.) MSRP $229, Kit $179.*

True Timber Blaze Orange camo jacket (DCHJ063): 4 heating zones, 7 pockets, soft noise-limiting camouflage outer shell, removable hood with neck and face guard. MSRP $229, Kit $179.*

*Note: We’re checking to see if the prices were reversed or if the kit versions are $279 instead of $179.

Heated jacket kits come with the jacket, a 12V/20V USB power source, DCB201 20V Max 1.5Ah Li-ion battery pack, and DCB101 20V Max charger.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. 2XL and 3XL sizes will cost $10 more.


Interesting fall/winter

now we just also need the multi tool in a cordless version !!!!!


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