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20v brushless trim nailers


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Every tool I have is dewalt, other than my skillsaw. I won the the dewalt challange a couple yrs ago in the Chicago land area, and I have all the 12/20v max stuff. I really need a new trim nailer. I don't want a paslode. I've been looking at the senco fusion, but I REALLY would like to see dewalt produce a series of trim guns.

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There seems to be a huge call for the 20v 2nd fix nailer. Why is it taking so long? I see a 20v grease gun is coming out, surely a nailer would generate more revenue than a grease gun??

The grease gun will be a HUGE seller in the farm belt.  Likely larger seller than the nailers believe it or not.

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I will second the original poster on this subject...all of my Dewalt cordless tools are now 20 volt, all except for my trim nailer that is!  I still have to tote my 18 volt 16 gauge trim nailer around with it's different charger, because Dewalt hasn't come out with one that works with their "not so new anymore" 20 volt line.  If my battery dies there's no grabbing one off another tool; I just have to plug up the charger and wait.  I'm quite sure the 20 volt line up is 2 years old now, and it just seems like that would be plenty of time to redesign the old nailer!!  Of course I would like for the new one to be lighter and more compact, but not at the cost of having to wait another _ more years.  The 18 volt nailer  has been so reliable that I wish they had just retrofitted the 20 volt batteries to it and brought it to market alot sooner.  That would have made a very good product a little lighter, with longer run time, and the convenience of being able to use batteries from my other tools. 

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I seriously can't believe the low response to this topic?  Either we just don't have many members here or not many carpenters?  I'm fairly new here so I don't know.  I guess the other possibility is that not many people purchased the original 18 volt 16 gauge angled trim nailer?  I just can't believe that very many guys are lugging around a compressor and cord for average trim/remodeling jobs?  Well, if you didn't purchase one then I guess you have no idea what you've been missing!  But just think about it for a minute, a 16 gauge angled trim nailer that doesn't require a compressor, hose, or extention cord, nor does it require gas cartridges like some other cordless trim nailers; has regular fire mode and bump fire mode, uses a battery that will interchange with the rest of your Dewalt tools(at least it used to before I changed to Dewalt's 20 volt line), will fire 2000 nails on a single charge, and simply doesn't break down.  The only drawback is that it's a little heavy and at least initially a bit pricey.  

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