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Question to XR battery system


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Hey, I am new here  with a question to the xr-battery-system 10,8 to 18 Volt

Is there a  protection circuit module inside the battery which protects from over charching, heat and short ciruit?

I plan to  use such batteries for my own build powerfile

Thanks for all answers

Best wishes from Germany


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Thanks for the answer

Many suppliers, for example at ebay, write in their offer that the protection ist in the battery.

If I look inside the battery there is a small board with some smd parts.

Now i am unsure what is right?

There is no significant discharge protection built into the 20v max batteries, it is in the tool. The DeWALT 18v lithium batteries (DC9180) have all electronic controls built into the stem of the battery.  I would recommend using that battery if you are wanting it "self contained" (for lack of a better word).

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I have a similar question, my tool has 4x terminals, 2 are negative & positive, the other 2 appear to be sensor wires (yellow/brown) they go into the board (resin moulded) and back to the switch that powers the tool, what is sent from the battery via these two wires and how?


I plan to run Lithium Polymer batteries (with built in protection) so need to supply the correct votlage/current to these wires so the tool will operate

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