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dan g

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Answer is probably already here somewhere but I couldn't find.  I have a DC720 drill and it has a 9099 battery on it.  Works great with fairly long run time and it will hold charge for weeks if not used.  I did not have a charger.  I ordered a circular saw with charger and two new batteries in the case (new) on eBay.  Saw works great.  The charger included is a single battery charger (black) with a button to recondition battery but I cannot find a model number anywhere on the charger.  Here is my problem.  My old 9099 battery charges great on this charger and works very well on drill or saw.  Both of the new batteries are XRP 9096.  After charging they both have very limited run time.  Maybe 10 minutes or less.  And if I fully charge them and put them in the case (not on tool) they will be completely dead if I try to use them two days later.  Is this likely a problem with the charger or is it more likely someone sold me new 9096 batteries that are defective?


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Probably the later. What do the date codes say on top of the DC9096 batteries? It should look like this "201342 or 2012-53".

The circ saw typically only comes with 1 battery. It's weird for the saw to come with 2.

Also, I don't think chargers have come with a "recondition" button for about a decade. Is there a date code on the bottom of the charger?

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Thanks Gatorb888.  Here is what if found.  The only number I can find stamped on the charger is 200124DB.  The button says "Tune up" and  says to use every tenth charge.  It may be a model DW 9116 but I am not sure.  I checked the two xrp batteries and found two number stamped in the top.  One has 200105-SO and 389805-00 and the other has 200114-SO and 389805-00.  They are all black instead of having part of the case yellow.  I am beginning to think the person selling this on eBay may have had a "tool only" circ saw in a case, and then scrounged around and found a charger and two batteries to put in and call it a "set".  The two batteries did come in the original plastic retail packaging.  The charger was just in the saw case.

If the numbers above mean anything I would appreciate the information.  Thanks.

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