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12v max oscillating tool?


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Does anyone know whether Dewalt plans on producing a 12v max oscillating tool?  I like the design of the 20v but for most of my jobs a smaller 12v version would be perfect.  It also seems like the battery on the 20v model sticks down too far.  For instance, if you are trying to cut a door jamb level with an existing floor, it looks like the battery would prevent you from being able to have the blade perfectly flat against the floor?

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Hey, thanks for the input.  I think I would still rather have a 12v version but it's good to know that the 20v will work for flush level cutting(the pictures I've seen make it look like it wouldn't).  I have been using milwaukee's 12v oscillating tool for over a year now and I really like the weight for small jobs, especially working on windows off an extension ladder.  This little Milwaukee tool has been pretty decent, but I think being able to control the tool speed with the trigger would be nice, so I'll hold out for a while longer in hopes that dewalt produces a 12v max version.  I totally understand why someone without an oscillating tool would rather have a 20v one but I have a Fein corded tool for the big stuff, so I really just want a small cordless tool for the small jobs when going cordless makes more sense.  A 12v max version of this tool with slightly higher capacity 2.0AH batteries would be perfect.

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It seems to be at the moment Dewalt isn't concentrating on their 12v line at the moment so seeing a occilatiing too show up might not happen anytime soon. I can say you never know but if you go to some of the tool blogs you are not hearing much chatter about Dewalt 12v tools. Milwaukee might be releasing a new occilating tool down the road this year the M12 multitool is pretty old at this point and I would expect to see a fuel version from Milwaukee soon with a tool less blade change.

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