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Tough Stuff Van..


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Hi Guys,

Bit of a newbie here but thought id share some ideas with you and see if anyone had any opinions on my plans...

i run a shopfitting company and with shopfitting as some of you will know no two days are the same! I envy the dedicated trades that can rack out their vans and keep the same tools on board all the time, unfortunately for me that's not the case!

my current van is this;



it was a full blown camper for a while but the busier we have got the more I've been back on the tools and its now pretty much a daily drive/workvan.

i invested in some tough stuff boxes late last year after much convincing to part with LOADS of money but i must say they are the best mobile tool storage solution I've found.

I currently have a Caravelle triple rear seat in the back of my van which sits on full length rails. it can slide from front to back and has the belts built in so can lock in any position and also fold into a small bed! it also lifts completely out if required (bloody heavy though!) ultimately it means I have a pretty flexible 5-seater that can be emptied in matter of minutes if I need to carry a full load of equipment.

I want to make use of the rails and the ability to transform the van so have decided to make a sliding/movable rear bulkhead. I plan to mount arm on both sides of the bulkhead with a view to attaching whichever boxes i require that day to it. If I'm not carrying much I can just use the back side, have the arms folded flat and the seat against the bulkhead or open them out too. Alternatively  I can slide the bulkhead all the way forwards and remove the rear bench if I need too!

I've attached a few pictures to show the plan, hopefully this makes sense...




I'd be interested to know what other tradesman think and if I've potentially overlooked anything!

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