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Cool YouTube Channel About Repairing Small Engine Power Equipment.


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This guy records a ton of video's repairing small engine power equipment. Small engine repair shops are very expensive on repairs that really simple to do like a tuneup I can't imagine what larger repairs would cost at one of the places. Just though some of the guys around here would find it interesting.

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Surprisingly we haven't had much luck with our Stihl weedeaters. We have had new carberautors put on two of the three we have. We have had excellent luck with their chainsaws though. If you buy the high octane (91 or 93) it usually doesn't have ethanol in it. If I'm not mistaken it is required by law to have the pump labeled if the gas contains ethanol.

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The battery powered stuff is kinda scary too I don't want to see the cost of a 40v replacement battery. I just had enough bs with the 2cycle tools they might be fine if they are used often but if they sit even a few weeks they are a pain in the but to start, and next to impossible the next season in my experience unless you really want to spend the time winterizing and doing maintenance on it. I just love the convenience of being able to plug a battery in and go. The only gas powered equipment I have left is 4 cycle a Honda lawnmower, a TroyBuilt 4 cycle edger, and my big Toro Powermax snow blower. I don't want anything more to maintain :)

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