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looking at these two tools, one is a 3/8 vs 1/2. the 1/2 has a small amount more power. They both appear to be the same size, they are the same weight.

Is there really any significant difference?

What are your expeirences with the two of them?

the 3/8 has a clip on it to hold the socket on, I have them on some air tools and do a very poor job at best. is it the same with this unit or does it really work?


thank you




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I'm just guessing that the higher torque is a function of the slightly more efficient transfer of power through the 1/2" drive.  The DC820/DC823 had the same anomaly.  In the case of the 880/883, the magnet ring and armature are the same part number.  In fact pretty much everything with the exception of the anvil and nose cone have the same part numbers inside the case.  Even the hammer mechanism has the same number.

As for the hog ring, I far prefer it to the pin.  As the drive wears out it becomes less effective but if you have a socket or extension with a lock hole rather than a detent, that stupid lock pin will get locked in there and make it almost impossible to remove without pushing it in with a pick or small screwdriver.  In any case I think they are pretty comperable, if they are at all like their 18v couterparts anyway (my shop has several of each of those).

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how do you like them?

what are you using them for?

which do you prefer.

my main use is going to be to disassemble race motors.

how long do the batteries last.

being lazy right now, do you know how many batteries it come in the kit?


I am surprised there is no control for how much power it transmits like there is with an air ratchet.


I looked at purchasing just the impact, then the batteries separately, that looked like it was going to be way more expensive. I was very surprised when i saw the batteries at a street price of $150 for 2~!

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For you I would get the hog ring. It is way better when it comes to changing sockets. If you need more power for head bolts or something along those lines I would get the high torque impact as well. I have used it and it gets plenty of power for engine work. The compact should be fine for 90% of engine tear down.

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The shop I work for is a production machine shop, the impacts are used for final assembly as well as all sorts of other odd jobs.  I feel the 3/8" gets more torque to the socket than the 1/2" with a 3/8" reducer.  As I said, the internals are the same up to the anvil according to the schematics.  

As for performance, I can't speak from experience on the 20v stuff as all my shop runs is 18v.  However, in that case they both perform pretty equally and the battery life is very good, probably a half-shift at least.  The batteries are expensive, although I think the lithium 20v 3.0 aH batts are a little cheaper than the 18v lithiums through most of our vendors.    In any case, I'm sure you wont be disappointed, although personally I'm holding out for a brushless version before I go 20v on an impact.

I absolutely agree BTW that the hog ring is far superior for frequent socket changes!!

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all the dewalt batteries seem to be black and yellow, there are some aftermarket that are all black.

the pictures i see on line the 20v battery looks bigger than what i had thought they looked like, they are much deeper than i had thought. i have only seen this impact at sears and it was without battery.

is there more than one size dewalt 20v battery?


Thank you to everyone who has replied & tool Junkie, i really appreciate and enjoy your help, &  thoughts

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Dewalt makes 1.5 and 2.0 ah compact batteries, and 3.0 and 4.0 large capacity packs. Amp hours would be equivalent to the size of the gas tank if a battery had one more ah the longer the tool will run before recharging. Dewalt has a few different 20v packs around they have the original release packs with no fuel gauge, updated 1.5 3.0 packs with a fuel gauge, and the new 2.0, 4.0 xr branded packs that come with the newest and updated products. Its kind of a mess.

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