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DW130V Limited Edition drill 'kit'?


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I ordered this kit yesterday. I been wanting this drill for quite sometime. I got a bunch of Dewalt 18v stuff (highly invested in that way before the 20v Max came out). Didnt want to burn up my cordless drills on large holesaws, spade bits or mixing. I dont have any corded drills. I got a couple of air drills too. But nothing with real power. Looks like it will be a very cool kit. I will let u know how it turns out.

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Got the kit today.

Well its not quite 100% what i expected. But it will do the job. I am not dissapointed tho.

The bucket has thick paper wrapped around the outside with the writing/graphics on it, take it off and the bucket has no markings on it, just plain. I figured the bucket had the ink directly on it.

The extension cord is 25' 16/3, not heavy enough for a miter saw, but will work for 10 amps. The drill is the DW130V, no other special markings or model # on it. 2-piece mixer attachment is of average quality. Also includes the instructions, 2 handles, chuck key & holder. All in the bucket. The bucket came in a box. Its a decent kit, worth the extra $$ over the price of just a bare drill.

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