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Best Random Orbital Sander


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Have had this Makita BO5030 sander now for about 5 years almost used daily, no speed settings but i find it's the perfect speed for sanding off of saw horses or work benches. Our company has fried 2 Milwaukee and 1 Ridgid variable speed orbitals within the past year. We've restocked with 3 more Makita BO5030's hopefully they put up the reliability as my other one. 


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Fine Woodworking just did a review of 11 popular random orbit sanders The Festool RO 125 REQ came in as Best Overall, but at $510, that is no surprise. What was a surprise was Best Value went to Craftsman at Sears 320.39592. It performed almost as well as the Festool for only $55. I have concerns about buying from a company that may be gone tomorrow but if you consider it like an HF throw away, it might be a good deal. I am not sure but I think 320.xxxx is Chervon (China), the new owner of Skil that has been making some well reviewed stuff.

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I have makita orbital sander BO5041 5-Inch. I would recommend you to buy orbital sanders, because these sanders can make many projects much easier and in my case for works I do I would prefer orbital sanders rather than any other tools. The key part that makes an orbital sander so good at the job it does, is the way in which the sanding pad rotates on the ball-bearing. This is where the “random” nature of this tool comes in handy. It’s super flexible, easy to use, and has a comfortable handle. It has a passive dust collection system which you can use with your vacuum cleaner, so dust clean up isn’t a problem. It can be used for most sanding jobs, wood floors, furniture finishing, and polishing – making it a great, versatile tool to add to your collection. The only disadvantage is its price. Yes, I agree that is a little bit expensive, but is a tool, that you can use for years. It is better to pay once than to buy such an instrument every half year, and I say this from my own experience.If you have questions or do not know what is better to choose just watch here Bob Smith Tools and I'm sure you will find yours.

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