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I need help choosing a router


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Personally I love the Porter Cable. This is a good model:

Porter-Cable 690LR 10 Amp 1-3/4 Fixed Base Horsepower Router

This is the same one I have, its not a plunge, but if yo0ur looking for something simple this will work. I won both and use the above model about 85% of the time. Very nice feel to it, the on/off switch is nicely placed so you have control over it. I love this one. Enough power to do all most anything. Plus it accepts 1/4 and 1/2 bits

In term of bit, the best bits I could recommened are from Costco, in terms of value. I bough them about a year ago. The come in a nice birch box and i believe I got 30 bits for about $45. I have used them over and over on very hard woods and they still work great. Yes you can get better bits for more that will last even longer

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I agree with carp on everything. I have a fixed router and probably would suggest a plunge. There has abeen a couple of times I wish I had one. Again perosannly I really like the Porter Cable router and for a first time user or occasional user, your really not going to save a lot by going with a no name

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If you are purchasing a router for the first time I highly recommend the 893PK from Porter Cable. Porter Cable is known as an industry leader in woodworking. The 893PK is an affordable combo kit that includes a fixed base as well as a plunge base that both use the same routing motor. The whole kit comes nicely packaged with a plastic case that holds all components of the kit.

The kit also includes an instructional interactive CD ROM.

You may see the kit at http://www.ToolAuthority.com

http://www.toolauthority.com/product_in ... cts_id=494

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