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TV series special Power Tools

Don't Get Done Get Dom

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Hello everyone,

I am contacting you from a BBC1 TV series called "Don't Get Done Get Dom". We are making a Power Tools Special where our presenter Dominique Littlewood will help you save some money getting a great deal on any expensive power tool you are planning to buy. That means over 500£. We wondered if anyone (UK based only) would be interested in participating in our show. If so or want to hear more about it contact us by e-mail dom@flametv.co.uk

We would love to hear from you and your interests in next purchases

Best Regards,

Monica Noda

Monica Noda | Researcher

Don't Get Done, Get Dom

FLAME TV | 6-9 Cynthia Street | London | N1 9JF

| www.flametv.co.uk

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