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Is Ryobi building for DeWalt?


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couldn't get onto that German page.


Javier where did you get that photo? As far as I know, Ryobi don't have slide-on batteries, and that is not their green. Do they have a new line? Looks more like photoshopping to me ...

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Here is the issue Ryobi tools in Japan were never made by TTI. TTI had the right to use the name everywhere else but in Japan. And in the case of the USA Ryobi tools are exclusive to Home Depot. The situation here looks like Ryobi of Japan is using re-branded Dewalt tools as a way you fill out their lineup of tools. I guess Ryobi JP does not want to spend the money on developing their own new cordless too linup and is using Dewalt designs just with different injection molded cases. A similar situation is Ridgid power tools the brand is owned by Emerson Electric, but they have a licencing deal with the Home Depot to sell power tools with the Ridgid name on them TTI is the contractor that makes the tools for that arrangement, and If you look pretty much all of the Ridgid Tools are exact clones of AEG tools the only difference is the Name on the Tool. Milwaukee is a different story TTI owns that brand outright and Home Depot just has the excusivity rights to sell the tools in a big box store. I hope I explained all this tool brand craziness.

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I just want to know did that post make any sense? You have a lot of crazy relationships in the tool business. That didn't even get into all the oddities with Stanley Black and Decker and their brands and exclusivity deals.

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Like most of the Asian Companies they tend to be part of large conglomerates that make and sell all sorts of equipment. It's like Hyundai they can make you a car, or container ship if that's your need. That's one thing I would have never expected is how good the Korean cars got in such a short period of time. The initial cars were pretty shitty jokes but they worked as cheap point a to point b transportation. The Japaneses car's were not made fun of like the Korean cars were, or maybe it was just as bad but I wasn't born yet or too young to remember.

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A few days ago the rep from our fastener supplier Würth came by. He told me they have a new cordless framing nailer. (they are expanding their line of cordles/corded powertools)

That's when he showed me a brochure and it was a rebranded DeWALT DCN690. Same slidepack battery and even the case is similar to DeWALT's.


I told my DeWALT rep this and he had already seen a rebranded DWS520 tracksaw. So I did some searching in the Wurth catalog and they have some other tools that are rebranded DeWALT tools. Not all though. They do seem to have their own cordless line, whereas that framing nailer doesn't fit it, because it has a different batterypack. I guess updating the nailer to work with their own batteries was too much. (same for Bostitch actually)


ASN5090 Framing Nailer



EH 4 Planer



TKS59E Tracksaw


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