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New router in the Woodshop


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Just got the Woodpecker's  PRP1 router table package into the woodshop today. Added a Porter-Cable 7518 3 1/4 HP router motor. Took a while to put together but runs like a dream. The adjustment mechanism is a bit weird and have not totally got use to it. Woodpecker has awesome obsession with anodized aluminum. 






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Yeah, seams like everyone puts it off, I know we did for years. Up until now we had been using a little freud portable router table (http://tinyurl.com/pp7r4sm). After this floor standing one for just a couple little runs, I'm never going back. I hated using the router table, it felt like it would break or move and my hand would slip into the bit. But this floor standing one is a beast I know it won't budge. Also the dust collection is way better.


It would be interesting to see what tools people have been putting off for the longest. And which ones are actually worth the wait when people get them.

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It's only 120v :) If I get smoked that is just one less coffee I have to drink that day. Only affects routers sold with base without insulated handles and it is the base that has a problem. Mine is just the motor and it would have to work really hard to shock me.

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Jens, that is an awesome set up. Have you gotten used to the adjustment controls yet?

Yeah, I am way more use to it. I also figured out that I tightened the motor in to much and it was causing it to bind up and not slide smoothly. I loosened those set screws up and slides way better now.

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Nice table! What all do you do with it? I need to get a stand alone router table. but don't have the room now and have to settle for one that gets put up as  I need it. Don't use it much because of that.


I use the router all the time. Next to the Table Saw I think it is the most versatile tool in the shop. Most recently we used it in doing all the speciatly profiles on a windowed french door. ButI use it for all sorts of profiles, and mortises. You can use it to joint boards. But the number one thing that a router table is used for in most shops is flush trimming to a pattern. We don't do as many patterns since we got the full sized CNC. 


Floor standing ones are really nice but if you don't have the space you can still get a ton of functionality out of a portable table and a plunge router.

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