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need help choosing a nail gun


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I am looking at buying a nail gun. It will be used for lots of things. Right now, it will primarily be used for baseboards, window trim, and hardwood flooring. I will later use it for common task is house remodeling. I am looking at either a 15 gauge nailer or a 16 gauge nailer. What are the differences in what they can do and which one best suites my needs?


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I am no expert craftsman, but i have done quite a bit of home remodeling, new windows with trim, baseboards, crown molding etc. I also did some construction back in the day.

I dont know what guage is recommended for wood flooring installations, but i have an 18 guage finish nailer.

I bought a black and decker cordless 12v 18 guage finish nailer, I know I know black and decker.. but i was surprised at how well it worked. Its light weight and cordless. I have been using it to finish nail 3/4 inch baseboard and trim and its worked great i was really amazed being 1 only 12v, and two being black and decker. It was about 90$ u.s. and I love using it.

here is site that shows one


I actually bought mine at wal-mart for much less.

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I like Porter Cable Nailers, the B&D rogue is talking about is alos a great nailer. I have used the following two nailers and I can say I like them both about the same


the major difference between an 18-23 ga besides the diameter of the shank is that most 18 ga brads have a slight head. this serves to actually help hold the moulding in place. i`ve not looked, but if you`re able to find a kit with an 18 ga and a 15 ga, or just an 18 ga that`ll shoot 2" nails i think you`d be better off. reason being the only benefit i see with a 16 ga over an 18 is an extra 1/2" of nail length. both nails will curl back and bite you, whereas a 15 ga is much less likely to curl and bite you. for furniture/trim type of work an 18 ga and a 1/4 crown stapler would be a good combo too, and i think i`ve seen these? in otherwords if you`re able to get the 18 ga and anything but a 16 ga you should be well served......

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