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Festool Midi and RO90 Combo


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So...many of you that have been in TiA for a while know that the last couple of years have been pretty rough for me but as time goes on, things get better. Last year in November, I posted a project I had just completed regarding my new pellet stove instal and the corner heart pad I made. Not wanting to spend a kazillion bucks on a pad, I made my own.

My parents were coming up for Thanksgiving and my fiancé and I were engaged in a remodel of our living room. I bought the pellet stove and my brother was supposed to come over the Friday before my parents stayed with me. But as usual....My bro called me on Sunday night and said he had to do it the next morning. The house was covered in mud dust from the wall repairs, paint was everywhere, blah blah blah....

I had researched the corner pad and decided I would do the whole thing myself starting Monday but now I had about eight hours to get it together, tiled and everything. I couldn't finish it. So my pellet stove has sat on an unfinished hearth pad for months. It weighs over four hundred pounds and my fiancé weighs about a hundred and ten so moving it is t going to happen.

Intro Festool RO90 Sander and Festool Midi vacuum. Plug the twist and plug in to the brushless RO90 sander with gear driven pad, plug it into the Midi dust collector, adjust power on the RO90 and suction on the Midi (Keep it low, the thing is so strong you can't move the tool when at full power due to suction) plug the dust collector hose to the RO90 dust port and hit the power. The dust collected kicks on, and there is no dust. None. Nil. Nada. The RO90 is brushless and gear driven. It has a removable pad and comes with a delta pad too. The Midi has an 11 foot long anti static hose to keep the dust from collecting on and in the hose. Unbelievable set of tools. Best of all, all of my corded Festools connect to my Midi leaving little to no clean up. The gear driven RO90 is unbelievably powerful and removes material at an incredible rate. This wasn't cheap. I have bought in to the line and if you are considering the same, start whatever tool you buy as a combo with the dust collector. I stayed with the Midi as it has the same motor as the big guys and I don't need too big of a collector. The hose housing has the new style Systainer latch so you can mount whatever tool box your Festool tool is in right to the top of the collector

Anyways, long story short. I put the RO90 and Midi to work and completely finished the pad in under ten minutes with no cleanup (outside of the stain). This after Samantha just dusted the living room. And I'm still here to write this so you know I'm not lying :). ~ Chris

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Man there are a few tools from Festool that I would love to have the sanders and dust extractors are on the top of my list. I'm glad to hear your getting your project finished and that life is treating you well ChrisK.

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I'd like to see how Bosch' new extractor works with their own sanders but in my opinion there is nothing comparable by Bosch at this time. But truth be told these are really expensive but worth very penny for a pro or a homebody like me that wants to keep his customers or my house clean and free of debris. Add the track or jig saw or router or whatever and there is literally no mess. I love it when people say "the vac fills too quick" well duh....it's working!

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