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New Ingersoll Rand 1/2 impact wrench


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Ingersoll rand has came out with a more powerful air 1/2 impact wrench. It is rated at 1350 ft-lbs of but busting torque. As of now it doesn't appear to be any more expensive than the older 2135 impact which has been out for well over 10 years.


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Sounds really nice and Ingersoll Rand makes great air tools. I personally think I"m never going to end up going with pneumatic tools. I prefer the cordless electric ones. I will say they can make the pneumatic tools smaller than a cordless tool with similar spec's. With the pneumatic though you have the air hose that might be a pain to deal with though. It's one of those things it's better if you have both then you have choices on what will work best on the situation your dealing with.

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Nice find nick. I have to admit though, my experience with impacts leads me to believe some of these torque ratings might be a bit exaggerated.

Having used the W7150, Mac BWP050, and Milwaukee Fuel, they all feel about the same. Though the 7150 has the highest ratings, I've had manufacturers and blog guys tell me the Milwaukee outperformed the 7150 in their tests and I can tell you the BWP050 is a very strong gun.

I'm starting to doubt the value of rated torque.

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The main thing is, how often do you need 1350 ft-lbs of torque. The fact is ingersoll rand has everyone beat as far as toughness and reliability. My dad has used his 2135 for over 12 years and the only problem he has had is the anvil broke internally. He put a new one in and it still works great to this day.

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