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New tool junkie from CT


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Hey all, 

Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.. My name is John and i am addicted to tools!  

I own a small remodeling company so tools are necessary for my livelihood however i really have a passion for tools of all shapes sizes and colors.

I am big into Festool (like have wayyy to many)  my cordless platform is Makita lxt 18v (another area i have a lot invested) and i just ordered a solid assortment of Milwaukee m12  goodies..  I have a problem saying no to woodpeckers stuff also!  other than that i seem to stick with Rolair for compressors and Bostitch for my guns all the way from 23ga pin up to coil siding and framing guns and even a flooring stapler.

I do all my work on site and transport all my tools in a 7x14 enclosed trailer so organization, ease of setup, neat appearance and job site cleanliness are very important to me. 

I have enjoyed reading and watching the tools in action reviews for some time now and just recently came across the forum. Im sure i will learn lots of great stuff here and hope to be able to share what knowledge i have. 



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Thank you all for the warm welcome!!

I can assure you I am no snob, yeah I like nice tools because I use them daily to make a living but I won't buy something just because of the name.. it's gotta prove itself performance, innovative and durability wise.

I use my tools hard and expect a lot from them, to me certain brands have proven themselves with incredible longevity and excellent service. A broken tool makes me no money!!

Example; I bought the new festool ts55req track saw as my first saw of that kind.. I liked it but felt the it was a blah improvement over the last model (ts55eq)from my research, and I actually had a few accuracy gripes with it.. I truly believed that the old model was a more reliable, accurate saw (with a few less unnecessary doodads) so I got rid of my new one and bought a old model.

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