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Will a 7 1/4" circular saw cut a 20' radius?


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Thanks. I decided to try on a test piece....a 2x6. First attempt, I set the saw depth at 1 1/2". Did not work. I then set it at ~3/4". Worked very poorly. On my last attempt, I set the depth at ~3/8". Worked better yet but still poorly. Don't know what to do now if a local store doesn't happen to carry the Arcus blade. I have a 20' diameter deck to cut out on Sunday.

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This guy is able to, unless I am misunderstanding. I've seen a demo where they cut about a 3' radius when we had a new blade come out a few years back. 



Thanks for that! I haven't tried plywood but I can see how it would work being that it's so thin. The depth of the 2x6 is what's getting me. If someone could do that, I'd love to see it! :-)

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Seriously though.....a good jigsaw (like the Carvex) with a guide (can make one yourself or buy one relatively cheaply) and you'll be right as rain while you fish naked!

Thanks. I did just that this morning. Made myself a guide that screws to a 10' long 2x4 which will be my compass. The decking I am cutting runs over some joist I don't want to cut so I also built a wood spacer for my jig saw so that it will only cut 1.5" deep. The Carvex looks nice. I have a pretty nice Bosch with some agressive cutting blades. Shouldn't take too long....I hope. I'm gonna get naked if this works as smoothly as I hope!


Thanks for all the replies, everyone!

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You can use a circular saw to cut a radius On sheet goods up to 3/4'" with no problem 2x material is to thick and binds the blade. I have have used a circular to cut plywood sheathing out for arched windows when I did not feel running down 3 flights of steps to the truck for the Jigsaw.

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