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Long Time TiA Fan. Thought I would introduce myself.


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Hey fellow TIA. Members. I have been a TIA fan for a while now. Started on review videos before I realized what it was. Made my first post to the forums back in February of this year... Looking for advise.. I watch and stop bye TiA 4 days out of the week if only for a few minutes while eating lunch. Im not much on posting to social media. So you may not see alot of me. But im going to try to work on sharing more. I work at a Cabinet Shop / Design Center and we handle and deal with everything from precise woodworking to complete design and remodeling/renovating. From kitchen to bath, and from roofs to framing. So thank you everyone for being so helpful and to the Tools In Action crew. For all of your hard work and wonderful productions.

From Ohio Thanks Mark

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Thanks Everyone. Conductor southern part on the ohio river about an hour from W.V. I am on mobile right now but when I get on the pc I'll try to see how I can upload some photos to share with you all! Not unless someone can give me some direction on doing so?

Cool. I'm over toward Charleston in a little town called Buffalo.

Pics aren't too hard to share, are you going to be sharing via mobile or computer?

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