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painted the front of wifeys car yesterday


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guys the sun beat the crap out of my wife's  hood on her car this summer so I took it in yesterday and sanded the hood and water sanded the fenders to blend it all in during my lunch and painted it last night. Today I finished color sanding and buffing it and brought her baby back home today I even water sanded the head lights and cleared them again and they came out pretty clean,i think it could be the reflection from the sun bouncing off my white garage onto her car or whoever had the car b 4 us just used a really cheap clear on it because this wasn't the first time this hood was painted and now its been done the right way. now I just gotta show some love to the roof on my truck I will post pics when I get to that project...........hopefully soon.....

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Thanks Chris!! This is my part time job at the shop, I recently got a new job as a storekeeper for university California riverside and I was full time at the shop and love that place but with my 4 kiddos I needed the insurance and Ucr has great benifits man I pay like 30$ for my family of 6 to have full covered health benefits with a bunch of extras and union to and the shop didn't have that :( but it cool though because I still work there for 4-6 hours at night like about 3-4 days a week so I get the best of both worlds man.;)

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