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Bosch CET4-20W - what you guys think?!


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sup fellas,

im looking forward to buy an air compressor and first I look into the porter cable mushroom style compressor for $120 or something. but im not sure about that item, didn't get good reviews. and im a kinda person, don't go cheap :P


So I looked into my favorite manufacturer and found the CET4-20W. (all my tools in my shop are blue :P )

does anybody own a "Bosch CET4-20W" ?, or made any experience with it?

I gonna need it for my nailguns, sprayer etc in the shop.


TIA hasn't reviewed / tested that item yet - so maybe its time to do that haha. (at least I didn't find anything)




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I haven't really heard much about Bosch air compressors to be honest. The go to compressor on TIA is the Rolair JC 10 its a compact little unit and is super quiet. That air compressor noise is one of the most annoying things ever.  I think you are going to need a bigger tank if you want to do any spraying of finishes though. A 4 gallon tank is a little small for that.

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thanks DR99 for ya comment. you are right, 4 gallon isn't much but it prolly should work out just to apply some finish on a few cabinet doors or something. not planning on spraying a car :D

but the bosch air compressor fills up quickly....so I can spray 2 doors, wait 10 seconds and its full again

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Bosch has actually 4 different air compressor:


1HP 3-Gallon 120-PSI (hand carry); Product #: CET3-10       - oil lubed; weight 57lb, 72 dBA

2HP 4-Gallon 125-PSI (collapsible handle and 10-in pneumatic wheels); product #: CET4-20W   - oil lubed; weight 85lb, 80 dBA,

it fills up the tank from 0-125 PSI in 45seconds - recovery time is 10seconds.

1.5HP 8-Gallon 120-PSI (wheelbarrow compressor); product #: CET8-15W    -oil lubed, weight 180lb, recovery time 17 seconds


gas powered:

6.5HP 8 Gallon 120-PSI (wheelbarrow compressor); product #: CGT8-65W     - oil lubed, 200lb, Honda GX engine, recovery time 14 seconds


just a few specs if you guys are interested :P

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madman, I have the CET4-20 non-wheeled version, and I love it for my application. I don't have a need to move it around, and I only use it in my garage, by myself. it usually runs my finish nailer. not sure it has the capacity to supply any spray applications, that being said, it does cycle quickly.

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Ya the tool is on my wish list. I almost bought the 20W but i was kinda low on budget. $329 with free S/H and no tax. Just such a good deal. I think it can handle a spray gun. For example spraying some cabinets. Spray for 5mins and let it refill within 45secs. I will get the 16, 18 and 23 Ga nailer. How often do change/ refill the oil ? People are saying there is no information how much you have to put in. Somewhere around 9oz

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alright the CET4-20W just got discontinued.

i ordered that air compressor 3 weeks ago and when i placed the order they said its in stock ( they get the stuff directly from the manufacturer)

today i called and checked on the order and ya they said that Bosch discontinued that item.

i dont know, maybe it means they will come up with a new model or so (i hope so)

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madman,   i would be concerned about spraying off a compressor that size.. the number that really matters is the cfm rating..    look into a few different air tools and spray guns that you might want to purchase and find the cfm requirements of that tools (at a specific psi)  then just make sure you choose a compressor what will support that cfm. 

ive seen paint guns all over the place in terms of cfm requirements so look around.  


as an example, the harbor freight 20 oz hvlp gun is typically very well liked especially for the price and it requires 6cfm @40psi   Item#47016


while their professional 20 oz hvlp Item #68843 requires 12cfm @ 40psi


 their 32oz siphon fed Item#91011 only requires 1.5cfm @ 30psi



i know your a bosch nut but rol air really makes some very nice compressors..  i have two of them.. the jc10 and a big gas wheelbarrow style..      dont limit yourself to the jc10

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