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On going project almost done.


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Couldn't have done this project without the help of my DeWalt tools. The impact driver was probably without a doubt the most time saving tool with all the screws used on the brackets, decking and framing construction. All that's left are the white plastic covered composite railings and post covers. I'll have to do that next year because winter is approaching fast, leaves are already changing color and I have a ton of yard work to do before it gets cold. I hate winter, seasons way to long and I have so many things outside I'd like to do. Should have had this done by now but had a few set backs over the last year or so. A blood clot followed by cataract surgery put a hold on things but all is good now. The worst part of this whole project was digging for the footings, rocks everywhere. Some to big to lift out of the hole so I moved them out of the way and left them buried. No big deal I've done this plenty of times in the past only I was a lot younger then, really feel it now after a long day of hard work. No offense to any contractors but I've always said, I'd rather spend the money on tools to do a job, do it myself because I will do it right and then have the tools for another job later on. Besides I enjoy doing it and I have everyday now that I'm retired, sure feels good having no stress. What do you guys think, does it look deck worthy or not?

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Nice work roadhog. How hard was it to get your cover pass the deck.

There's more room between the pools metal top ledge and the decking board overhang than it looks like in the pictures. The cover goes on easily by sliding it down between the two from starting at the topside of the deck, then I pull it down just enough from underneath the deck so the wire cable can be snugged and put the retainer clips on. I constructed a 2x4 frame that can be assembled in minutes to support a tarp to cover the deck during winter months. It has small rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from sitting directly on the deck and marking it up. The tarp completely encloses the deck, has a steep pitch so water and snow runs off. It keeps it dry, has plenty of air circulation and prevents mold growth and normal weather damage. There is plenty of room for both tarps and then some to fit between the pool and deck. I figured all this into the original plans and it has worked out great.

Here are some pictures from last year after the tarp frame was done. Funny I don't have any pictures of it actually covered with the tarp but it looks like a big green cocoon. Some old towels were used to prevent the post corners from wearing a hole through the tarp. The 2x6's are only temporary to prevent the post from twisting untill the railings could be done.

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