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Some photos from the building of and assembling of the first caes of the first atmomic bombs


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I saw scale replicas of little boy and fat man at the Smithsonian once. It's truly amazing the devastation something smaller than a Volkswagen could cause.

I don't see it as political. The fact of the matter is that the only viable alternative was a mainland invasion of Japan. The atomic bombs saved tens of thousands of Allied troops from certain death. Truman's decision to drop the bombs is one decision I don't second guess. The allied and axis powers were all in a race to develop it first and had they beat us to the punch, they'd not have hesitated to use it.

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I don't know  too much about ww2 other than what I've played through the older COD games. But now that I've seen more on ww1 and ww2 through the history channel and such I now realize how much of it influenced cartoons I used to watch as a kid like the looney tunes. I never understood why there were so many war planes and bombs in those cartoons. Lots of super heroes came out of that era as well because of ww2 like the most obvious is captain america. Others make sense like xmen with magneto and some others like superman which was invented by jewish immigrants from that time- not being racist or anything about the superman thing, just remember seeing that on some tv special on cable

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