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just got a new 4.0 battery that's totally whacked


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Don't return it to the store. Contact Milwaukee service. They will send you the shipping label and get it back to you within a week. That's why Milwaukee locks butt! That battery is covered fro three years, no receipt needed,miss based on the serial number of the tool.

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Guess what?



we took it back to the service shop and they gave us a new one.


When it got back to the shop I noticed that it only said XC on the battery....not 4.0.  But the box said 4.0 so I figured they must have changed the label on the actual battery because 4.0 is the new norm.



Anyway, I looked at the bottom and the details there showed that it was definitely not a 4.0

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I've had 1 M12 battery go south on me, called Milwaukee and they told me to go to an authorized dealer.......then he gave me a name of a local company to take it to....thought it was going to be HD but it was just a small ma and pa shop when I got there I walked up to the counter and told him and buddy says you must be looking for a battery replacement? Milwaukee called them and gave them a heads up.....buddy took my battery and checked the serial number and walked over and grabbed a new one from the wall and said here ya go......now that is some good warranty as far as I can tell.....

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I used to have a B&D service center like right around the corner. I could literally walk to it Now the nearest one is miles away. The Milwaukee dealer near me also closed now too. I think Milwaukee will do a swap through the mail if you want. Unless your really short on down time and batteries that's usually the most convenient option.

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