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Wow, bit of a whiplash day...


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So I work in the field of surveying... Surveying in the field, LOL. As you might imagine, things can be a little seasonal, slowing down (usually) beginning about October until about March or April. And true to form, this week so far I have a total of five hours after Tuesday. The last couple of years, with the economy sputtering through fits and starts, I've bounced around a bit from company to company as work loads have grown and shrunk. I had a six month contract with one of the larger municipalities around here that managed to stretch into almost eight, and this morning, as I was driving home from my brutal two hour work day (heavy irony) I got a call from my old boss, asking if I was busy for the next couple of months. Apparently I made a good impression on them. He even said that if my current employer need me for something big, they'd have no problem giving me the time away.

Couldn't be better timed... the heater core in my truck just took a dump, my Jeep's carb is acting up in ways that I'm not smart enough to figure out, and the GF is letting me drive her Expedition and I'm finding all sorts of maintenance issues with it (seriously? 10k miles overdue for an oil change? That was some nasty stuff I drained out...). More pay, consistent hours, kick ass health insurance, shorter drive to work (and won't have to get up a 4:00 every morning, I can sleep in 'till 5:00, woohoo!), working in the direction of the GF's house instead of away, so maybe I can see her more than once every two weeks. Won't have ridiculously long shifts on the days I'm supposed to get to see my kid...

I'm pretty stoked...

Sorry, just had to share.

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