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Well moving all the wood pellets should help you move that Bosh Axial glide around Chis. It's a wonderful mitersaw wish I had one but its one of the heaviest ones around. It weights 65 pounds at least your not moving it around daily it will be a workshop saw for you. That's the one thing I wish I though of when I bought my slider you can't put it against a wall :(

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the GCM12SD is just a beast. I love that saw and the investment is well worth it. I barely move my saw but if I have to, I don't mind carry it to the jobsite - 65lb is not that heavy. just have a good breakfast and you are good to go. the saw is pretty good balanced and has some nice handles in the extension wings (or better to say, below it). the GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Station is also a nice addition to the saw, for jobsites. the T4B gravity-rise miter saw stand with wheels looks a little bit flimsy to me. but you can leave the saw mounted on the stand and roll it around.

i bought the saw about couple month ago from home depot and they had that saw for 650 for about 2 days. i didn't hesitate and bought it right away. msrp is 750 or 800

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