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Todays Purchase


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  I have a thing for hanging old license plates in my garage. I have a slew of them and try to get one from every state we take a trip to. I have several including my first plate from my Mustang in high school (had a vanity plate with my last name), My best friends vanity plate his dad gave me off his car after he was killed in a car wreck, and lots of others from trips Mrs. Conductor and I have taken.


When I'm out in my garage late at night they remind me of lots of great memories in my life. Maybe that sounds strange, but I enjoy them. Today I kinda broke tradition though.


Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Back To The Future. The whole concept of going back into the past to hang out is pretty cool IMO. I wouldn't change a single thing, but just taking in the atmosphere and cultural differences would be good enough for me. So today I was poking around eBay and I found this:




Ok, it's kinda corny, but I had to have them. I though they would look cool mixed in with my other plates and be a conversation piece as well. 

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Now you need to buy a Delorian. What a cool looking sports car with one of the worst engines ever. In general anything from the 80's wasn't really making a ton of power because of emission regulations and fuel economy. If you read Bob Lutz book Car guys verses Bean Counters he mentions that GM's big push for all fwd car's in the 80's was part of its downfall.

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Lemme tell you, tall guys and DeLoreans don't mix. When I was in HS, I decided to test fit one of them. I sit inside, leg room is a little tight. So I decide to pull the gull-wing door down, big mistake. I think I concussed myself, and I probably would have been 6'8" instead of 6'6" like I am now without the neck damage....

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Sweet idea conductor. My wife and I bought a 1926 PA license plate from the American Picker's place in Iowa. Pretty much the only thing I could buy in the place without dipping into the tool fund. Its a pretty neat shop way smaller than it looks on TV...and the John Deere combine plant is a stone's throw away. Its a free tour of an amazing operation. Definitely worth the trip if you are in the Midwest.

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