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Be a little absent for the next week


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hey guys! So I got married today! I'm going to be a little light on the forum for the next week, we're not going anywhere as we just fronted the wedding but Samantha and I will hit Ireland like a huge freakin' storm In a Year for our honeymoon. We'll be making some day trips out and about and we will be renovating the upstairs bedroom for a move to second floor...you know...."moving on up...to the east side (actually the second floor but it does t rhyme in my parody of moving from one bedroom to the second floor bedroom....)....to a deluxe apartment in the sky...y...y..;)

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Well in your absence I will be sure to post plenty of Festool porn. That kind of stuff could ruin you honeymoon so it should be shared sparingly. It shouldn't be too bad it looks like we got some great new people that joined the forum, and I hope to see some absent faces show back up also. What happened to Harold Wray?

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate that. Fantastic day, it was sixty and sunny and a great turnout. Samantha and I had a great time and it was awesome being around familia and friends. My parents are heading back to Florida tomorrow and I was on the coast with them taking some awesome photos today and yesterday Samantha and I saw a newer two mast sailboat, probably fifty footer, had broken it's mooring line and was slamming against the shore. Here in New England, we have very rocky coasts and that poor boat was getting torn asunder. Also saw a twenty one foot Whaler taking on water at its mooring. Today...the Whaler was upside down with just the bow breaking the surface. Crazy water and wind yesterday! Waves were pretty sweet today too. I'll check in again in a couple of days. Starting the bedroom reno today!

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