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My Hobby or Pass Time......


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I figured I would post the hobby I took up since my retirement from being a fabrication engineer a few years back......

I build Poker tables as a hobby and not a business.....(work at my own pace) 


anyway here are a few builds that stand out from the tables that have gone through my little workshop.....well over 50+


here is a full size oval table with hide-away cup holders, you can have a cup holder in front of you or simply spin the disc and it is hidden under the rail....




a quick shot of the mechanics of the table....



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or how about watch TV while your waiting for the dealer.....(actually they are monitors to view 6 way blind timers so no matter where you are sitting you can see the time...






mini table for chips...




all white with full leather rail....



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I got a request for a few 60" round tables all with 6" raised suede rail, small 3" race track and gaming felt, folding legs....

Table you see here shows larger rail 1 piece no seams

table is ready for center to be cut out and gaming felt to be added flush....rail looks black but it is dark brown in person.......






Got a couple other colour versions as well with the following grey rail with lighter grey play surface another with real dark brown almost black rail with lighter brown gaming suede 







I will post the detailed build of these 60" round tables if there is any interest....
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