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blade sharpening


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There are few ways to look at this. The blades for my tracksaw run from $50 to $100 and my 10" table saw and 12" miter saw run from $80 to $130.00 a pop. So If I can get then sharpen one time for $25 to $40 I feel like I'm ahead of the game. Most blades you can get sharpen one time and after that you are better off getting new.

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I typically just replace saw blades. Now if I used Forrest blades or something, it might be a different story.

I am with Conductor on this one.  I do not use the really expensive blades like a Forrest. My Irwin Marples was only $37, so not sure if it would be worth sharpening.  I guess if you had the sharpening tool it would be more cost effective.

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if you want more life from your blade, take it off every once and awhile and soak it in vinegar over night .......you wouldn't believe how much better it cuts.....I do the same with router bits as well......eats the residue from the cutters that builds up and hardens..... 

or if your in a hurry take blade off spay oven cleaner (easy off) on it both sides, go for lunch and wipe off, keep cutting.....


learnt that trick years ago from a blade shop, a lot of blades that came in for sharpening only needed cleaning.......

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Cleaning is a must and will actually help the blade or bit stay sharper longer since it will cut cooler (heat is no good for carbide)

Sharpening is also something that everyone should look into. A little searching will probably reveal that you have a sharpening service somewhere nearby and there is also plenty of places you can mail your blades to. I used to use a local shop but recently switched to mailing them out to Burns tools. Burnstools.com. super simple and fast and so far the results have been great!

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how much do they charge for that service with shipping etc....but I will def start to use that vinegar cleaning solution with my blades

the last batch of blades i sent out was 3 forrest  and one kapex blade for a total of 4 bades and 5 router bits of various shapes/styles   

it cost me about $9 to ship to them usps priority   all the sharpening cost $101 and their return shipping was $15 ups

total was around $125 to make over $600 worth of blades and bits function like new again    hard to beat!!  also it only took a bit over a week from the time they left me to when i had them back


this link should take you to their pricing list   http://www.burnstools.com/images/pdf/sharpening_prices.pdf

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