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Ultimate Meat Smoking Machine!!


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So a couple of guys at work got into a discussion about their beloved meat smokers. I kind of got the cold shoulder after confessing that I only had a gas grill. So after doing some research on the internet I soon found out that there are endless ways one can build their own smoker. I quickly decided on probably the simplest design of them all...the UDS. or Ugly Drum Smoker. I found a dude in my local newspaper selling food grade drums for $15 bucks. Bought two on them. One for me and one for my old man. After doing a very hot burn of the inside to sanitize and knock off the paint, drilling holes on the bottom and top for air intakes and exhaust and putting together a fire basket that holds charcoal and wood chips I was done! This was a fun project and the sky is the limit on the design potential. Great for pulled pork, pork ribs, beer can chicken and countless other savory meats!



PS don't know why all of the photos are tilted 90 degrees.

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I want to get into smoking but I want the easy way out and a unit with a thermostat, so its either natural gas or electric for me :) I might loose my man card but I tried it once the other way and it just didn't work well for me. I ended up getting frustrated about the whole situation and ended up selling the smoker.

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Yoga pants are quite possibly the best invention of all mankind. However my daughters will never wear them! lol  I think smoking meat for me is just relaxing. There are so many ways and techniques you can use that there is really no right or wrong way. Also, its nice to have about 8 hrs to sit, drink beer and think about the glorious meat the good Lord has provided.

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Yea except some times its easier to spend the 8 bucks and go to Lazybones that does some excellent bbq and get immediate satisfaction. We have had some great BBQ places open up around here the past 10 years or so now. The other big thing is Lebanese Mediterranean food those places pop up like weeds around here. It's awesome healthy food that is tasty at the same time.

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