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MasterCraft heavy duty work bench aka Piece of Scrap Metal and wood.

Samuel L.

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So picked this up on sale at Canadian Tire for 145$ normal price is 300$ and even for below half price not worth it here are my problems with it:

  • drawer bottoms are 3/16 pressboard
  • drawer slides are garbage and need to much force to pull
  • drawers are held together with bolts and twist under force
  • drawers are about 14" wide and 14" deep
  • powder coat is already separated from the metal in multiple places
  • power bar has no off switch
  • light is small and not that bright
  • overhead storage cabinets are about 5 inches deep and slam shut by themselves
  • takes 6 hours to assemble with a socket, screwdriver, and wrench (would have taken 12 if you would have used only a adjustable wrench and screwdriver like they recommend)

I am planing on returning it and if that wont fly with costumer service, i'm selling it for what I paid for on the classified adds. Because even if its half price it isn't worth it.


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That's a bummer it looks like it would be nice in concept., but its let down by crappy materials and manufacturing. I can't believe they would have the balls to ask 300 dollars for something so poorly made. I hope they do take it back. It just sucks you spent all the time assembling that thing. If they give you any trouble ask to speak to the store manager if that doesn't work call corporate and another avenue is raise hell on social media. Complain all over Canadian Tires Facebook and Twitter page.

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I would look at some online plans or maybe figure out a layout yourself that would work in the space you want. That way you can get the most out of that space. I really need to put a workbench in my garage. I'm usually working off saw horses. The Ridgid tool boxes are a start of a system to get better organized.

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Honestly making your workbench is the best route to go in my opinion, that way you can make it to your needs. Ours is made out of fairly thick round tubing for the legs and shelves and some diamond plate steel with 2by underneath it to eleminate flexing. We have had around 700 pounds on ours and it hasn't flinched.

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