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firewood rack


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MM do u get a lot sand storms in ur area? I remember being out there for the Coachella event and driving through that for the 2 days we were there man my eyes and skin were dry dude and I had to blow out all the sand from my motor plus I hated hearing the sand just swooshing all over my cars paint

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it was crazy man I wonder how those people in that area keep there cars from getting scratched/clean and there air filters  must get clogged pretty quick. it was hard driving in that cus it would get so bad that we couldn't c the traffic ahead of us.the detail shops probably make good money out there 2

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the winter are cold here too -  during the day its nice when the sun shines 60-70 or sometimes up to 80.

Bbut the winter nights can be in the 35-40F.

we use the firewood mostly for the living room to have it nice and cozy in there.

I guess you could call 35 - 40 cold  B)

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have to tell you this story; my bosch circular saw fell the other day in my hot tub. the tub was drained but it had rain water in it.

half of the saw was below the water surface....man I was pissed, because I left it on the edge just to bring a piece of lumber in the garage....then I just forgot about my saw. came the next day outside and saw the saw taking a bath lol.

I grabbed the saw and put it out in the sun for 2 days....

I plugged it in and the saw still works - I think that's a point of quality too haha

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