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Milwaukee INKZALL little tips


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just a quick little tip.........

Some tools you carry around with you and are needed all over the place but for me usually when they are small they are left where I used it last. So in my shop I put together a few of these for each station if you will, band saw, drill press, mitre saw ect ect 

I noticed the lid fits pretty snug with a good click so I took a spring loaded belt clip thingy and with a key ring connected it to the lid of a Milwaukee inkzall and hung it off each tool....

I'd say just hang it off you belt and you would have it always but I personally rather not.....



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thanks all, Ive had my chuck key on a steel version of one of these for years hanging on the side of my drill press.....it is just long enough to use and swings back into place.........you could just use a cable or a string but this way it is never in the way.....

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Comp you are full of all sorts of cool ideas. I love TIA ;)

Im curious how well the inkzall works compared to say the sharpie version?

I buy all inkzall now. I used to use sharpie but the tips would always go pretty fast. Inkzall all the way. Plus I like that you can clip it to my hard hat

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