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My Dewalt Colection

Samuel L.

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Nice setup your probably going to want some bigger batteries soon though saws eat though a battery pack quick. Might want to look for a kit with some 3.0 or 4.0ah batteries.


Its funny you say that because I'm actually getting 2 brand new 4.0ah batteries for 100$ off the classified adds tomorrow.

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Guys I live in Canada so every thing is marked up a little bit the 129$ price is the Lowes Canada or Amazon.ca price.


And most online tool sites don't ship to Canada and if they do its super expensive even though I live only 4 hours north of the border.


Such is life with Canada Problems Eh. 

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Well today after the guy backed out I was a little disappointed.


But I found an add in Kijiji for what according to the picture was a: DCK280C2


I thought I would get it and sell my DCK240C2 kit for the price I was paying for the new kit and upgrade from 1.3ah to 1.5ah batteries and DCD771 to a shorter stronger DCD780 compact drill.


I was out of the house today so I left the money with my dad and told him to make sure they worked by drilling a hole and running a lag bolt into a stump when they came to drop off the kit. Well lets just say when I got home looked in the contractors bag and found all this still in the original packaging I was happier then a kid on Christmas day.



I only paid 120$ for it all.

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Yea in Canada you cant buy dewalt tough brackets by themselves unless you pay 29$ plus tax plus shipping of 20$ for 1 or 60$ for 5,

but in the states you can go to any home depot and buy em for 20$ a piece.


its crazy that they charge so much for shipping...

2lb to Germany cost about 60 bucks - just insane

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