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universal ton


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Well....one Kilogram is equivalent to 2.204 pounds so.....

Assuming you Europeans go by a metric ton you would be in the presence of 2204 pounds. But to be quite honest Claudio, I am ignorant on the difference between Euro and American so I make the assumption that you use a metric ton as opposed to our ton which is 2000 pounds. I hope this helps my brother!

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A standard 2,000 lb. Ton is actually called a Short Ton.

There are also Long Tons (often called Imperial Tons) and Metric Tons (or Tonnes)

1 Short Ton = 0.892857 Long Tons

1 Short Ton = 0.907185 Metric Tons

1 Long Ton = 2,239.9 Lbs.

1 Metric Ton = 2,204.62 Lbs.

In other words, both long and Metric Tons weigh a little over 200 lbs. More than a standard short ton.

On the RR we use Short Tons, but the Maritime shipping industry typically uses Long Tons. I think the Long Ton measurement factors in hull capacity or something.

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Thanks conductor very exhaustive!but you know why the measure isn't full?example:in the old world 1 ton is 1000 kg,1 kilometer is 1000 meters...maybe its a stupid question but I wish to understand!seems to me hard to do with precision...it's strange but here in Italy we measure the holes in millimeters and the plumber pipe diameter like USA (3/4. Half ...)never understand even this..I'm lucky to work with my loved concrete!!!(stop school when I'm 14!!!)

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