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DW735 planer question


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I don't own personally but my buddy has one that he uses almost daily and said he loves it I think the blades cost him between 50-60$ but don't quote me on that. I guess it just depends on how much u use it cus ive only heard of him changing it once or twice in the past 2or 3yrs that hes had it oh and chrisk1970 also got one u can askim if hes had a chance to use it

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They are also double edge sharpened, so when one side wares out, just flip them over.


When you buy, look for the DW735X, "x" being that it comes with the in feed and out feed tables and an extra set of knives.

Good to know thanks for the info.

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I use this planer regularly on both soft and hardwoods. My first set of knives went very fast and I had to choose between spending $60 every few weeks, spending $240 for carbide edged knives or $400 on a Byrd Shelix cutter head as a more permanent fix. My advice would vary depending on frequency of use.

Why bother with carbide brazed at that price? One set and you're already halfway to a helical carbide head. You'll get the same quality of finish between carbides.

Steel knives are great for infrequent use and give a better finish. DeWalt seems to use a rather soft steel and, as a former machinist, I'm curious as to what tool steel and hardening process they use. I considered making a set of my own.

The Byrd Shelix was a great investment and each carbide insert can be indexed four times to use every cutting edge. The only issue that I have is that I've now invested $800 into a plastic tool, but then I love using old cast iron machines.

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