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DeWALT tracks/guiderails

Mr. Yellow

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Just a quick question. I wonder if the quick clamps from Festool (FS-Rapid Clamp) will fit the DeWALT guiderails?


I have the DeWALT clamps, but I can't use them when I'm cutting with my beamsaw, because most angled cuts will result in the chain hitting the steel bar from the clamp. So I figured the Festool quick clamps are the next best thing to use in this situation instead of regular clamps placed on the edge of the rail.


(might need to remove the Festool sticker and paint that trigger yellow though) ;)




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It's not the Festool beam saw (sword saw) I'm referring to, but my own attempt to it, with a DeWALT DWE576 and the Prazi Beam Cutter attachment...



Have you gotten to use this yet? I'm curious if there is deflection in the blade on the track.
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We used it last week when putting roofing panels up. We had to cut them in the right length and also with various miters. The panels were 90mm thick, so for this the beam cutter is perfect.


Not sure if you guys used these panels over there. They are similar to sandwich panels, but only the inside the finished. 


Can't tell about deflection, because my brother spend the whole day cutting panels. Didn't hear about any problems. Myself I haven't experienced any deflection. This MIGHT occur when you put too much force on it, but if you let the saw do it's work I don't think there will deflection. Even if it should happen it couldn't be much, which isn't a problem as this is not a precision tool. Well, I like it to be, but it's still a chainsaw although with the benefits of a circular saw :)


Only real (small) problem is clamping the track when doing angled cuts. 

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Thanks KWC. It seems this is a homemade version of the DeWALT tracksaw clamps. I have those, but they are no solution to my problem.

The length of the sword/chain interfere with the clamp with you set the saw at an angle. It touches the steel bar from the clamp.


I hope to find the time this week to visit one of our dealers that also carries Festool. Hopefully they have the rapid clamp in stock so I can test if it would work.

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I realize this is a crude drawing but ya get the picture.....if the span of cut is short why not put a board over the track guide side ways and put a screw or two in it to keep it there and don't use a clamp at all.......

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That would work, but I prefer clamps over screws in this situation.

Two regular quick clamps on the left side of the track (upside down) works as well. Which is what we did last time, but the Festool looks like a winner. Also because you only have to tighten/untighten from one side. Which is much easier when cutting roofing panels.

Anyway, I'll be at my dealer soon to pick up my new box level so I'll see if it would work.

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Thanks Ricky! I missed your last two posts before I made my last comment.


I do use the track as a fence. After all, the saw can be used with a track so that works best. I didn't know the Kregg saw guide. Not sure they sell that over here, but it's something that wouldn't always work whereas the track will.

I don't have large C clamps. I'm gonna try the Festool. Nice to know it fits. 

Surely I could return it if it doesn't work. Just hope yellow can play nice with green when they are together in the same box ;)

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