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Rules on the insulation in your country

Kenneth Denmark

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I would love to hear about how much insulation should be in exterior walls when in building a new house.

I happen to think that the rules in Denmark is close to unreasonable..

On a brick wall government demand min 245mm of insulation


On a light wall the government demand min 265mm of insulation

on the ceiling, the requirement min 450mm insulation

in the floor, the requirement min 300mm insulation

is it just me that thinks it's a bit insane

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Here in Italy on a thermo brick wall government asking 120 mm of insulation but we are going to min 200 next 2/3 years...european union in Bruxelles order that!I've build my house 6 years ago but with two brick walls and insulation between (80 mm of rockwool)and for me is MUCH better than outside like gov. Ask...

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In the USA we tend to rate insulation by R-value not by the depth of it. So its hard to make a tough comparison. Its not much though its still r-13 for a 2x4 wall you can do a little big better if you go to 2x6 construction. In the USA the majority of construction is wood not masonry. You might see some brick veneers but that's about it. Attics get more insulation like R-48 I think is the minimum code now in new construction.

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