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gotta see makita cordless vac review!


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No Shi& Dude....this is the Sh/7 man.....it's like...the SH/t man! Yesterday man....I needed a charge man and I was using this thing and.....it's the BEST thing ever man..,,,I picked up my brothers stash....,

That is one happy vacuum owner! Go Makita! Go happy vacuum dude! Go dirt! It's the SH/7!!!!!

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hahaha   this dude is for sure Drunk or high or probably both!


good drinking game would be to take a shot every time he says its the best!  you would be slammed in like 3 minutes


pretty sad if thats the best thing he has ever bought in his life


also i like how Makita clearly says it has 10 minute run time, by the end of the video he is saying how it runs for like 30 minutes



DAN AND ERIC, Pay attention.. you could really learn a thing or two about making a quality review video from this guy!!  maybe he offers coaching.   time to step up your game guys  LOL

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So i ended up buying on of these and to be honest its a pretty useful little vac!!   im digging it.. thinking about buying a second one actually


its sooooo nice to grab this for quick cleanups on the job or around the house instead of dragging out the full size dust extractor or corded vac. it surprisingly has great suction.       i think it lasts about 10mins/ah so do the math.. my 3ah's give me around 30 minutes     moooore than enough time for the type of jobs your gonna use it for. 


i know milwaukee is coming out with one for the m12 line in case thats your battery platform..   i would highly suggest you pull the trigger on one of them if your on the fence.. great tool!!

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