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I Have A Question For You Hand Toll Gruru's and Conductor


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Which size of the Knipex pliers wrench and Cobra heads for everyday use? Is 10" good enogut or will I be hating like if I didn't buy the 12" versions. On the other size should I be looking at smaller versions of each. These are not cheap tools I really want to have both of them but I want the size that will handle almost anything I can throw at it.



I bow to the hand tool knowledge and powers conductor brings to the table I hope I see a response soon!!

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While we wait for the one and only conductor, I will ask this.. what is the largest object you see yourself needing to grab with these? That though answer how big you need to go.

I would say that 12" would be huge for general use and probably never necessary,7" will probably handle 95% of your needs and be the most comfortable to use, if you want to be safe I would say go 10"

If your gonna spend a lot of time with these in your hands I would recommend the blue/red ergo grip.. they are excellent. If it's just an occasional use tool go with the red dipped handle, still very comfortable.

I'm assuming you know about chadstoolbox.com. usually the best prices by far on this stuff but they charge shipping under $100 so that might offset the savings.. they do have a price match policy also..

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I use the 10" Pliers Wrench & Cobras. They are great for a wide range of jobs. I haven't needed the 12" versions, yet. I did buy the 7" Cobra pliers, and I love their size . I find myself using the 7" Cobras more often. They are small and light enough to fit in my pocket. It all depends on your trade I guess. I may buy the 12" down the road, IF I need them. Either way, they are great tools. Cheers.

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If I were only going to have one pair (rest assured this would never happen) it would be 10". Big enough for the majority of daily task in most shops, yet not big enough to be cumbersome either. Like BK said, 10", 7", and 12" would be the order I would get them. 

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